Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Better Day

We picked up a very different couple at the hotel this morning than we'd seen the night before.  They'd rested well, had discussed their situation and realized a four week road trip was too much.  They had canceled reservations for the rest of the trip through Washington, Canada and South Dakota.  When they leave here on Tuesday morning they will be heading home.  They seemed relieved.

They put an ice chest of medical supplies in the back of the van.  If he checked his glucose or gave himself injections I never saw it.  Not a medical term was heard all day.

She's very horticultural minded and was quickly lost in all the beauty surrounding her as we drove to the coast.  It felt like I was riding with a talking plant encyclopedia.  She'd never seen plants grow so big, trees so tall, wildflowers so beautiful and on and on she went.

It is true she can not walk long distances but she can walk about two blocks.  Rodger would drop us off then park the car, and return to pick us up.  Once she saw a bridge over a small rushing stream and walked to that.

It rained off and on most of the day but we managed to do and see what we needed to.  The weather looks much better here this evening so I'm hoping we'll have a good day at the rose gardens tomorrow.  I'd really like her to see it at its best.

Oh yes, the manzanita bush is on again, so we'll pick that up tomorrow afternoon.

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